Hinojosa Leaving for Georgia?

Blogs and other sources are reporting that Hinojosa will be named as a superintendent finalist in Georgia tonight. Hinojosa admits he will probably be the finalist. What happened to "I will never leave Dallas and I will not seek other employment." I'm sure they are not lies because he has never lied. It will be interesting to see how this pans out; however, it is probably time to leave since he has all of his cronies in their new high paying positions now.

Perhaps it's a fear of

Perhaps it's a fear of change; however, to you people that want Hinojosa out... if the next guy makes things worse... I am blaming you jack-holes for the demise of DISD!!

Check yourself; Hinojosa

Check yourself; Hinojosa wanted out or did you not know that?

You wanted him out.

From the sound of this board, you wanted him out. Your wish came true. Live with your choice.


New reorg announced just today....all learning communities are moving except for a couple of folks...now there are 8 areas...wow..why are htey moving folks with no super????

Who on Earth does Regina Jones Know?

Who on earth does Regina Jones know that she can keep her position as an Executive Director of the East Learning Community with as many Low-Performing schools under her watch? I don't think she had one high school which was above low performing. I noticed they took Hillcrest and Woodrow Wilson away from her figuring the Madam Goodsell would be able to identify with their elite populations.

Really, someone needs to seriously question how Regina Jones is still standing without a demotion or some sort of reprimand. A teacher or principal with the poor results that she has produced would be fired without any questions being asked. Come on Mr. King, show us your stuff and be a hero by taking care of some of the "prima-donnas" who are useless.

What Are They Thinking

Oh my Lord. Robert Shelton, a PE Major, who works in security as Interim Principal of Bryan Adams, a low performing school. They should check out his tenure in Garland ISD when he nabbed the school board president's wife and married her. He didn' have much of a future there after that so he got some of his dad's old cronies in Dallas to give him a "gopher" job. If I were a Bryan Adams parent, I would be up in arms. If any school needs aa good instructional leader to start school, it is Bryan Adams. And Robert Shelton---not a leader or instructional.

And then there is Rawley Sanchez to Spruce. He'll certainly get them off the low performing list.

And Lucy Hack in whatever to Conrad. That poor school just can't catch a break. First Cyndy Goodsells cronie from Irving--the school was low performing from the getgo and now, well you know.

I guess the darling Ms. Goodsell has already gotten to Alan king as she was one of few who were not shifted around.

It is almost like DISD is trying to make schools fail. Do you mean to tell me that there are no more qualified principals anywhere than Robert Shelton and Rawley Sanchez. Give me a break.

And last but not least, Kyle Richardson to Woodrow Wilson. Are those poor people in for a rough ride.


If your so concerned abort Robert Shelton being at Bryan Adams call S Beach, maybe she can get Mr. Sheldon moved!


DISD Maintenance will soon reorganize too two quads north and south are east and west. Boy like thats never been tried before. The more things change the more they stay the same. New people old ideas. Where do these people come from?

Jones is over elementaries

Jones is over a group of elementaries, Mitchell over magnets and several others had their schools changed. Our high schools needed some new leadership. Now let's hope Micheaux steps it up now. Obviously, King is listening, looking at data and making some needed changes.

According to org chart (rev.

According to org chart (rev. 7/28) Jones still has secondary schools and Whigham is over alternatives. Leslie Williams has magnets. Where is your info coming from?

Org Chart

http://dallasisdblog.dallasnews.com/ Aug. 9th Dallas Morning News. The District hasn't updated the websites as not all principals have been selected. Some schools still show the old principal or no principal.


No shame in your game ugh!!!!!Get his A_ _ out of here right now!!!

Hinojosa leaving

All that Hinojosa deserves is a cardboard box, five minutes, and a uniformed escort to his car (no driver). This is what happened to a lot of dedicated DISD employees; so why not to him?

Bryan Adams

I attended Bryan Adams; I'm a Cougar, class of 1974. I don't know what is going on at BA, only what I read here and on the BA Alumni page. I saw this on the BA Alumni FB page and thought I would share it here.

Post as copied:
Please join Bryan Adams PTSA in their efforts to keep
their principal, Ms. Susan Walker by calling/emailing -
Michael Hinojosa 972-925-3200/ HinojosaM@dallasisd.org or
Bruce Parrott 972-925-3722/ bparrott@dallasisd.org. Please
tell them "We support the positive direction in which BA is
headed! WE WANT WALKER!!!" Let's show them we are a vibrant
community that supports our schools!!!! Please call/email ASAP!!!

I don't know - he could be replaced with someone far worse.

Perhaps it's a fear of change; however, to you people that want Hinojosa out... if the next guy makes things worse... I am blaming you jack-holes for the demise of DISD!!

Anything is possible!

I think that Cobb County wants all the fame and glory that Dallas has. Good for them! Do you need help packing, Dr.H?
The only part of this that bothers me is we have a contract for 5 years. He owes us restitution! We are being damaged by a breach of contract. If he retire we need a long notice. This is not RETIREMENT!! IT IS FRAUD!! WE NEED TO LET him go without pension, until he proves that this is a legitimate option to have.
We need a class action by the people of Dallas to demand Due Process in regards of his tenure and contract. Make him prove that he is not responsible for the current lack of control.

He did fire everyone before the school year...Paid them with taxpayer funds and just let them go...We have so much that needs to be done with these kids, and they just let people go in the middle of the year, or like Arnie, they are paid to go without just transition.

This is a legislative period, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

Does Eric Johnson know how things for him were different that we have for these kids? Does he know what it is like to be beaten in school, and the teachers do not care?

Tell your representative to have DISD broke into manageable areas that are equitiable ad fair for all children.

Someone far worse

It won't be a guy. Why do you think Hinojosa moved Claudia Rodriguez up in rank. She is next in line! Long live the Mexican Mafia.


You clowns are worried about who is going to run DISD and whether Ms. Claudia Rodriguez is a Mexican or of Nazi decent. Either way she is bad a$$ woman. It is worse for you all out there that fear for your jobs because if your scared now pull your pants up and stop sagging cause she is the true ManEater http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMk_OYEQW7U No one in their right mind wants a piece of this district, they just want the money. I don't blame them, inner city kids 16, 17, and 18yrs olds reading second grade level and for that matter can't even do 5th grade math. Let us be for real people until someone can find a father and mother to raise and discipline their children at home properly we are sunk. Kids having kids, before you know it the kids we be flunking the same test their parents can't pass in the same year. You have employees at schools backstabbing their own aka the Benedict Arnolds of DISD. This district reminds me of Judas's Iscariot where Judas had a weakness and it was money. As for Hinajosa, el jefe, if he wants to skip town to be with his family let him be, to each his own. This is not a district problem, this stems from a failed civilized society, failed family structure, and religion not being crammed down these kids throats better yet that leather not lashing that tail when told to do something and it not getting done immediately. The fish rots from the head down. “Don't fail to correct your children. They won't die if you spank them. Physical discipline may well save them from death” (Proverbs 23:13-14) You must have discipline in order to have a productive people. Now I am no road scholar, I am teacher that lives in the dung these parents give birth to 8hrs a day. No I am not disgruntled I make decent money, I enjoy the few civilized heathens I have in class, but you people are looking and digging in the wrong places for the problems in this district. Get rid of a few lazy sloth like teachers, and all the liberals that believe it is acceptable for a man to lie with a man. The MEXICAN MAFIA is what we need to run this district, last time I checked the classrooms were full of Hispanics. Let us state the facts the issue in the district is not the amount of illegals running around, it is the other minority that hasn't figured it out yet at home or at school. Explain to me how the Hispanics can have the highest truancy and drop out rate in the district but have high math scores must be the Mayan decent. I will stop while I am ahead because I just heard Obama wants to give the Arabs back their territory from 1967 (sounds like our school system giving into the ACLU)when the Jews pulled the belt out and whipped that tail in 6 days. As I said the fish aka Obama rots from the head down "the food stamp president," hope those scores skyrocket.

Judgement day!

Rhodes Scholars, as the common people know, is a fabulous opportunity for civilized educated people. You are so dumb that you do not even know how to spell Rhodes. That is why normal people think poorly of DISD staff.

If you want to be governed by the Mexican Cartel, please go south of the Rio Grande where you are wanted! This is the US and the schools need to abide by laws, even though the teachers are allowed to perpetrate crimes, the district needs to do what the Law requires (or at least pretend to).

I think the problem is that the schools need to teach not judge. If you knew how to relate to students you would not be so nasty. People are reacting to the nasty side of DISD. Maybe Hiney will take you to Georgia and you can really know racism when you are one of the less number minority (as opposed to the minor race)

Well I can appreciate the

Well I can appreciate the correction from road to rhodes, I can also sympathize with DA MOLE. I see that tom and jerry corrected mole, but they failed to argue or validate any of his strong points. You two liberals which doesn't require much thought to figure out cannot argue one point, and that is the AA haven't figured it out yet. Maybe mom of 2 with so much intelligence of the state of Georgia can explain other than attack a simple misspelled word. Sounds like your family may have been crossed in dixie before.

You two liberals which doesn't require much thought to figure

No that is hard to figure. Where do you get that I am liberal? I thought the tea party was doing what I think is best.
Attacking a word is not my style. I was disgusted by the post that was obviously a rant fueled by alcohol. Is that why this non person is so offended by sober people?
Please point out the "strong points" since I fail to see any logic in either of your posts.
Thank you, and indeed I can tell you that we have seen all sorts of hate from bigots in many states.
Newt country is no different, but seems well like Newt land. He needs to be with Tom Delay in my opinion. Repugnicans(not a spelling error) yep, the official non liberal clan.

What Happened?

At one time this was a great website. You provided valuable information regarding salaries and compensation. The comments inspired dialog and conversation. What happened? The quality of the posts are questionable. I trust that when you revamp your server and launch a new site, the quality will return. Thanks.

What Happened

I still consider this a great website. This site keeps people informed, allows others to vent their frustration at different organizations are people and not give your real name as in keep it on the down low. I would think a lot of people on this site may work for disd and don't want their real names used. After all disd does have a history of retaliation.

On the up side how about that Bryan Adams Swim Team what a year they had. Thank you Coaches for your hard work and dedication.

Now I am no road scholar, I am teacher.. Darkness

RE: "Get rid of a few lazy sloth like teachers, and all the liberals that believe it is acceptable for a man to lie with a man."

Speaking of a Nazi party platform, "Now I am no road scholar, I am teacher" is the most telling, chilling part of this rant which contains the most ignorant, simple minded, child like logical approaches in simple emotional 'diarrhea.' It's as if whomever is only 3/4 of a full man in his perceptions of the world, not operating with the full capacity to think and not of the blessing of Deity deemed as 'man.' Beat them down, sounds like the person was completely beaten down and somehow believes that because he's a teacher is able to pass judgment from his federal bench. But like the Nazi party the writer scape-goats one targeted population - those who are perceived as gay. This is the sickest poisoned self loathing mind I've come across in a while.

Sounds like you were

Sounds like you were offended by a strong argument of the slums of DISD. Which part were you offended by, being run by mexicans, the possibility of being run by nazis, or the fact that he deals with a bunch of bad guys from the AA community who haven't figured it out yet. What really sickens me though is the fact that you defend those that are perceived as gay, as if they were the only group singled out by nazis. LOL, ask the gypsies, jews, jehova witnesses, handicapped/mentally ill, and of course the socialist and liberals aka gays or homos. The man is just telling it like it is and if you only heard the new language of disd, ebonics, you would understand.

The Slums? of DISD

I think you want to push a button, but you keep missing.
I spend many hours 5 days a week in the community, and I talk with the mothers you all refer to with hatred. I know their children have issues, but you all forget that no one wants to have this. It is a perpetual cycle that does need to be addressed. It is not really about funding, because as we see DISD has lots of funds, but the administration fails to use the funds correctly.
The only way to break the cycle it seems is to stop the funding until we know what to do to effectively change and break the cycle of poverty.
I know the jive. These kids are very loving too. I see that.
We have been paying the DISD to make things worse. I know they did with my kids. I know they do with many others, too.
If you knew, you would be understanding, but instead you are the real problem, not the fatherless child, but the highly paid certified tenured drunk creepy snob, that we will be paying the rest of your life.

Claudia's Surname

Claudia has a mexican surname. Born in Germany and came to the U>S at 18. Grew up in EL Paso.

She married a Hispanic

She married a Hispanic man and lived in South Texas(Mission Texas) before taking HR Director position. I previously worked with her at Dallas I.S.D.

DISD = DOA For a Long Time

DISD is that little morsel in the sink that goes faster and faster as it spirals down. It's almost down the drain. The only jack-hole is the one too blind to see! You weren't embarassed with DISD scandals all over CNN - or don't you remember! There was the furniture-fiasco, then the fastest indictments from the west, then the "even the dead can pass a class if they take the test a hundred times" grading plan embarassment. Can I ever forget "if it's Monday, it's Spanish; if it's Tuesday it's English" disaster. Oh! Least I forget the "get your number here whether you're a citizen or not" scandal, then the alleged "misappropriation of grant money let's burn up the evidence" investigation. Help me with something else, did Harvard move to Georgia or is that another son that's pregnant? That's right! They didn't take him to lunch so he didn't benefit. Did you have to pay tuition? Then he benefitted butt-hole! You could not possible by that...

My fingers are getting tired from the rembrance of the horrors of how the DISD died. When we get a new superintendent, let us be mindful NOT to drink from the same trough. Besides if this one stays or goes, if indeed he's running as has been suggested, if some legal action is on the horizon, he can be called back. Remember San Fran! Having messed over so many people with absolutely no conscience at all, he owes a piece of his behind to all of them as payback!

I hear Hinojosa's the Only Finalist


Livestream: Watch the Cobb County School District board meeting beginning at 6 p.m.
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Join us tonight beginning at 6 p.m. CT for the Cobb County School District board meeting where Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa is expected to be named as a finalist for the Cobb County schools superintendent job.

Hinojosa Leaving

Sounds about right, disd is going under and this rat wants to jump ship. I say help him along board members send him packing. Medrano you act so surprised and seem hurt. Like you didn't know it was coming, are you that blind? Give me a break. As far as I am concerned the whole board can go with him.


But we need an audit first! A couple of years ago 84 million was missing, and then it wasn't that much but 64 million--during "The Rift" and now this mess. He needs to take his girl friend and all of her friends that started out at BA but now have been promoted to higher positions.