Bruce Parrot and the mystery of Bryan Adams' Principal Susan Walker

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For a number of years parents and Bryan Adams students have felt like the red headed step-child of the District, and they are getting really sick and tired of it. Principals have rotated in and out. Recently, one of the Chicken Little parents who has done nothing but cause trouble at every school her children have ever attended, including their exemplary and recognized Elementary School, began bragging (at Student Teacher Conferences no less!) that she had gotten Bryan Adams Principal Susan Walker fired.

A parent group of PTA leadership and others supporting Ms. Walker met with Dr. Hinojosa, who would not confirm or deny that Ms. Walker would be moved from Bryan Adams. Dr. Hinojosa commented that he knew the person we thought might be driving the witch hunt against Susan Walker and that she had absolutely no influence over him at all. However, he had other concerns. Dr. Hinojosa was extremely guarded in his comments but assured the group it was nice to meet an involved group who had good things to say about the new direction at Bryan Adams under Ms. Walker’s leadership. Dr. Hinojosa expressed concern about the number of fights at Bryan Adams. However, according to students there are not many fights at BA, though out in the neighborhood, after and before school, there certainly have been some. However, a check of “School Fights” on You Tube reveals hundreds, if not thousands, of posts of fight video which has become an epidemic as students seek a few minutes of fame with their own “Fight Club” from all across the United States.

Conversations and meetings with Trustee (now proven to be an oxymoron) Bruce Parrot revealed that Mr. Parrot believed the decision to fire Ms. Walker for a serious breach of her employment had been made. At a later meeting, he backed away from that comment slightly saying, Ms. Walker’s offense was firable and that there was a concern as to the safety of students at Bryan Adams. Bruce Parrot warned the parent group that when the whole story of Ms. Walker’s failings became public, the group would understand. He advised the group not to pursue helping Ms. Walker as it would reflect badly on the parents. Parrot has crossed the line a number of times in commenting and appearing to have an agenda regarding Ms. Walker. Parrot has revealed the name of who he believes the next Principal at BA will be to a Coach at BA. Parrot has apparently met with a group of low performing teachers who are being reconstituted and commented on the Walker issue to them. Parrot was vocally angry toward the Bryan Adams parents who spoke at the last board meeting and attempted to physically intimidate PTA President Marty Gulotta. On that same evening Parrot told the parent group, “Well, as you know, (Susan Walker’s) mother was fired today.” Ms. Walker’s mother is on administrative leave from her job as assistant to former BA Principal, Cynthia Goodsell, now , Senior Executive Director of the West Secondary Learning Community. However, she has not been terminated by the District. In short, Parrot has continually and repeatedly stirred the rumor pot while dispersing dis-information on confidential personnel matters over which he has no authority. Mr. Parrot may be the most untrustworthy trustee in the history of the Dallas School Board. We need competency, integrity, and people who are thinking of the kids of DISD first and foremost as Trustees.

A subsequent meeting with Regina Jones, Senior Executive Director of the East Secondary Learning Community, Principal Walker’s supervisor, revealed that Ms. Jones knew of no plan or decision to relieve Ms. Walker of her duties, and further, knew of no reason why Ms. Walker should be drawing such scrutiny. She encouraged the parent group to continue to vocalize their support for BA and for Ms. Walker.

Clearly, there is something going on at Bryan Adams. And parents believe it is mostly good! BA is half a percentage point from having their unacceptable rating removed due to the many students who were run off by Ms. Goodsell during her tenure before they could be documented. Ms. Walker and her team have recovered or documented many of the missing who affected BA’s “Completion Rate.” Confidence is high that test scores are up. It simply does not make sense that there is a problem with a principal who has been on the job less than two years, that would be so serious to warrant removal or firing, yet is not so serious that she can remain on campus for the rest of the year.

No one is talking, yet rumors are all over the place. "A lie can get half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get out of bed." Will Rogers. Hopefully, some organization with real investigative teeth will get to the bottom and find the truth and stop letting the chicken little's of Dallas and the foxes who guard the hen house, define TRUTH.

[Ed Note: I can appreciate your feelings on this. It would be nice if reasons were a little more transparent. However, I can point you to another story on this website where there are documented discrepancies in the documents she presented for the job. We can only speculate as to whether or not something else came up.

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Ivonne Durant is leaving.

Ivonne Durant is leaving. After only 8 months in this job she is ¨retiring.¨ Does anybody know anything? I suspect a bunch more will ¨retire¨as well as King cleans out Hinojosa´s trash.

Durant's replacement

Heard she's being replaced with Jackie Landry who's over Professional Development. She's already getting paid 150,000. Wonder what type of raise she'll get ?? I think they should have to keep a position more than 8 months to get a raise. No wonder they leave. There goes another Teacher's salary ! When will the District learn??


Mr. King may be cleaning out Hinojosa's trash but he is bringing in his own. Contractor Aramark Services couldn't make it first go round manageing disd's Custodial Department so Mr. King brought them back in for another try from RichardsonISD. This time Aramark will be contracted for mowing the school grounds. The more change happens the more it stays the same. New people same bad habits.

Megan makes a positive difference

I am amazed at how so many can criticize administrators and teachers without contemplating the many challenges schools, classrooms, parents, fellow teachers and by far the most challenging, teaching in an urban school district with such great diversity can be. It takes a multi-talented, educated individual with extreme love for working with children to wear all of these hats at one time whether they are a veteran or a beginner. As a parent of a DISD student and a teacher, the most important advice I can give is to please be compassionate about your child's education, get to know your child's teacher(s) and get involved in their school and/or classroom whether magnet, elementary, middle or high school. I know help is needed on a class by class basis by many teachers. At the high school level and a double block schedule, seeing 162 student's every 2 days is overwhelming. I can't imagine being an administrator. This commitment to guide or teach each and every one of these 162 young adults takes a lot of organization, with hundreds of hours above and beyond each work day throughout the year. Even the smallest gesture from a parent inside or outside the classroom would be appreciated by many. Parent's would be surprised that many of their children's administrator's and teachers are really great mentors, confidents, friends, role models, a shoulder to lean on and above all an educator that your child will remember into their old age. Our society as a whole would be so much happier if the glass was half full and not half empty, each individual did one positive thing for another individual, gave some encouragement to someone, passed a smile on and the greatest of all of them, strive to be the best that you can be (success will follow) while believing you can achieve whatever it is. I have never met Ms. Walker, but being an educator and working with many administrator's over my career know that she has many seen and unseen positive attributes and some that she could probably work on (like the rest of us). I believe that she cares or there would not be so much support for her. It is unfortunate that there are always a few children that slip through the crack of the education system and I would love to save them all, (not possible), but your voice can make the difference for them. Just do it. Administrators and teachers can only do so much. I commend Megan for being that positive encouragement. Her voice will encourage many. Thanks Megan!!!

Many great ones, but....

I agree, as a parent PTA board member, assigned as Volunteer Committee Chair, we need community involvement, and it will make the difference, especially when the needs are increased due to budget cuts. In LewisvilleISD we are welcome, but in DISD the school makes it clear that I am not at all welcome. But I do disagree about a "there are always a few children that slip through the crack of the education system"
It was determined by the TEA that 90% of the kids like Megan in DallasISD do not have the opportunity to graduate, simply because the school is not "cracked", but has a rift valley between the gifted and challenged. The divisions in the district are so great and the obvious problems are continuously downplayed. You think that 90% of the educationally different children is a few? That illustrates the major math retardation that DISD teachers are proud to develop in themselves.
Megan shows that when an administration person actually cares about a kid who struggles, there is a payoff, one way or another. In the case this time, a child was given help outside the school, and had the opportunity that the majority do not. In DISD most kids are determined to just be below the line of needing help. The Scottish Rite Hospital only services a handful of kids that do go for evaluation, and are determined to have Dyslexia. Most kids do not have any school FAPE or support at all. It is because the school refuses to do the job. Teachers need the support from the administration, and in the majority of cases in DISD that is denied, and the large legal unlimited funding is required by the "district" to justify their lies and corruption.
Unfortunately, in Dallas the glass is not allowed to even have any water, because the administration refuses to do anything unless the TEA mandates it, and then they try to weasel out of the responsibility. Edwin Flores thinks they need to spend and spend for legal services, especially if the kids are so racist that they need help with English when it is their first language. Yes, they will play the race card if you insist that your child have an English placement because of language disability. I know because when they refused my child the required transition from ECI at age 3, they did everything imaginable to justify their lies and crimes, so to not teach him. Their objective is to force these children out of the DISD. They simply refuse to do the work, unless the child has parents employed by the district, and then the parents have to advocate non stop, to get what should be available without discussion.

wonderful principal

Sitting here reading the comments that followed mr.veazey post havebrought tears to myeyes.
i have had the extraordinary pleasure of getting to know and working with ms.walker this year. my name is megan
munselle and im a PROUD senior at bryan adams high school, i am also a student member of the BA PTSA board. I can honestly say i have NEVER had a principal like ms.walker, she makes everyone one of her students feel
important, accepted, and most importantly LOVED.
ms.walker has taken the time each day and at every lunch to walk around and talk to students about what is going on with there
classes, up coming events or even if they need someone to talk to about something going on in their life ms.walker is there to listen and comfort.her actions have created a mutual respect between her and students. ms.walker has said on several occasions that her door is always open to us even after graduation. im not afraid one pit to post my name on here and stand up for ms.walker, i belive 100% she should be keped at BA and continue the work she has started. id like to thank mr.veazey and the teacher who commented and took the time to point out all the great things ms.walker has done. i am vary proud to say i attend Bryan Adams High School and i would hate to see all the hard work of our principals, students, teachers, and parents have made to improve our school go to waste.

Good point, Ed.

Megan, I commend you for taking a stand and speaking up! We are all concerned for the school and community. Many of us old geezers have many concerns when we see our graduates unable to read and write correctly. I can understand typos, as I myself post errors time by time, but you need to understand the importance of correct writing.

My boys were not offered opportunity to be Educated correctly or appropriately until we moved away from DISD. You are offering a testament of the problems that I expressed and had Teachers retaliate against me.

The improvement will not go to waste unless you all make it so. You will be getting another administrator, but now the parents will know to expect that a High School student should have correct writing skills. We know they are not required now, but we all desire and demand that our children are taught correctly and learn not just writing but right from wrong as well.

How did the school get bad in the first place? Why don't we look at the Principals from the feeder elementary schools, to see how this student is so incapable? My first grader knows how to use capital letters better than that. He was not even offered a place to attend in DISD because he has autism. The school was unwilling to teach him, because evidently they knew I was expecting him to be educated, and DISD teaches this as education. I am not interested in sub standard education for my children, nor my community.

Dear Mom of 2 I can only

Dear Mom of 2

I can only hope that one day you are as proud of your child with Autism as I am of my daughter. I have taught my learning disabled child to stand up for herself and what she believes in. You see Megan is severly Dyslexic and has gone through years of therapy for it. She has struggle her entire 13 years of school. She may not be the best academic example, but she is a great student and kid. I for one am proud of her.

[Ed Note: Sometimes we all post things without having all the facts. Thanks for the clarification. Good luck with your senior year Megan.]

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that many if not most of the entries on this blog are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors yet the high school student entry catches everyone's attention. Megan, you are an amazing young woman. Please ignore those that try to bring you down.

[Ed Note: We have a (ahem) teacher who masquerades frequently as a student. Megan's post had some of the hallmarks of this particular person's writing style. That was the reason for my initial comments. I try not to let people pull fast ones.]

I understand

I also have a child with dyslexia, as I myself had to really work hard to overcome this confusion. My first child went to Dallas Academy where they correctly trained him, because it was not available in DISD. You should be very proud of your child. I understand that 80-90% of the kids like ours do not make it through school in DISD. Non the less, it can be serviced correctly in Lewisville, where he is learning correctly because we understand how he needs to learn. DISD did not do that in elementary school. That is my point. She will learn to overcome if she has the appropriate help.
And indeed, I am VERY proud of my kids, and feel confident that moving out of DISD was worth the hardship that we endure. I know they will have what is not available to them in Dallas, and I am sadden that is the case. That is why I continue to rant. Sorry if it offends, but these things need to be brought to light.
If Ms Walker is a great Principal, all the best will be for her. I still say demand that the DISD Administration do the correct thing, and not just accept that there is not potential, when there is.

Megan had the appropriate

Megan had the appropriate help at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital with some of the best Dyslexic Therapist in the United States. She typed her letter on her telephone, hence the spelling errors and the capitalization. I will be the first to admit she should have had it proofed, but she was caught up in the moment. She has been trained to do her school papers on a computer, to use spell check, and to have them proofed before she turns them in. Unlike you, we did not have the means to put our children in Dallas Academy or to move for that matter. When Megan was in Elementary there was no help for Dyslexic children. We fought to get accomdations and help with other parents. There is now Dyslexic Therapy in DISD.

[Ed Note: I'm mildly dyslexic and (of course, my crutch) ADHD. So I know what she goes through. I frequently find myself backspacing and correcting. So the post was done by a dyslexic kid on a cell phone. Impressive.]

In Defense of Principal Susan Walker, Bryan Adams High School

Written by one teacher from Bryan Adams

"To understand and be understood is to be free."

-Daniel Johnston, American Singer-Songwriter

Why do I support Principal Susan Walker? As an educator, allow me to answer this question.

Principal Susan Walker has always given her teachers freedom in the classroom. Her main instructional focus is to foster deeper learning through deeper instruction. This principle guides her entire approach to education. At first, this idea may seem somewhat vague, but in practical application this guiding principle allows project-oriented classrooms (such as my own) to flourish. As project-oriented classrooms have been proven to be successful in both academic gains and social competency over a sustained period of time, I can honestly say that Susan Walker is the best principal for our school and its current situation. Allow me to clarify exactly why I believe this to be true.

As the average public school class size has grown steadily over the last twenty years, project-based learning has gained not only popularity with overworked educators, but also many proponents within the university. Namely, within the field of educational theory. Of course, project-based learning is backed by copious amounts of research and field studies. That is how university's prove that they are right-research. But, it is the practical application of that research that produces actual results-what everyday educators actually do in their classrooms. These results are evident in the lives of our students. Not just test results (these are a given when a student is actively engaged in project-based learning environments) but societal competency as well. The ability to create something by way of a collaborative effort engages students on most, if not all, levels of active learning.

The above paragraph will be old news to anyone well-versed in the educational theories of the last two decades. All of this to say, basically, "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it".

Why get rid of a principal who not only allows, but encourages and facilitates, project-based learning? Project-based learning works-it really does. Go check it out next time you have access to the internet. I don't have time to explain and to defend project-based learning here. I'll let you decide for yourself. I just don't know why we as a school district would want to oust someone who allows absolute freedom to educators who make stuff happen-change students' lives, teach, engage succeed-everyday.

Even though I have never heard Principal Susan Walker utter the word "TAKS," I have seen her students raise their test scores. Although my classroom is rarely visited by Principal Susan Walker, I always meet or exceed her highest expectations as an educator. Because Principal Walker has never told me how to do my job, I have never told my students how to do their job. That is, learn the way that you learn best. They just do it; that's how freedom in the classroom works. People just start doing what's best for themselves because they aren't bound by someone else's laws or someone else's learning style. Students find their own learning style or they ask for help. Students here at Bryan Adams are "free" to learn because teachers are "free" to teach.

Freedom! Freedom to do what you have been trained to do. Freedom to teach the way your students need you to teach--freedom to "allow" freedom. I look around and I see students doing-actively doing. Not just listening, speaking, writing, and thinking, but doing: creating, collaborating, discussing, arguing, discovering, finding, inventing, brainstorming, improvising, editing, revising, planning, executing, succeeding-learning.

This, of course, is one educator's opinion. (One educator who believes that the student knows herself best.) I believe that administrators should facilitate teachers and teachers should facilitate students. And, of course,students should facilitate their own learning. This model allows principals to be guides, teachers to be experienced and encouraging companions, and students to be explorers. For, as the great Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, says, "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

I like feeling at home as I trudge through life's challenges--especially at school. I know my students feel at home learning everyday at Bryan Adams High School. They have a great guide and excellent traveling companions. Let's not change that.

I have read these comments

I have read these comments about Susan for some time now. I know her well and I smile when I read these comments in support of her.
Susan is smart, articulate and well schooled in DISD driven initiatives. She can come in to any situation or school and literally win you over with all the right words. She will draw you in to her soul and "confide" in you and have you believe you are her only one and true friend. And then she will ask you to help her when things start to crumble. I have no doubt some of these comments on here are Susan driven. Of course she doesn't come to your classroom much. That's just not her. It's not her style. It's not what she does because she is working on Susan.
If Susan could just do what she does best, I believe she could be a great administrator. Unfortunately, Susan is very much wrapped up in Susan. She becomes immersed in her own egotistical whirlwind and it prohibits her from being truly great. Her concern with her looks, what people say or think about her (you can bet she is reading these blogs or having someone tell her what they say) and her drive to ascend to higher ranks eclipses her focus on why she is where she is in the first place. She wants BA to do well because it looks good for her. She wants praises from parents because it looks good for her. She wants people to like her and she will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you to like her because it looks good for her.
Someone commented on her photo being inappropriate for the website. I have no doubt she took maybe 50 head shots before she got just the right one. Can't make her look too fat, too thin, too old, too boring, hair's not right, whatever.
If she is really being put back in an elementary school for next school year, it may be the best thing that has happened to her in a while. She needs to reconnect with why she started in this business in the first place. She needs to get her focus back because I think in the process of her rocket rapid ascent and using schools as stepping stones for the next big promotion, she has lost track of all the people she has stepped on in the process and who she has used to get where she is. Anyone care to talk to Joe Valone or Jordan Roberts down on Ross about what they think of Susan or any other number of higher ups that have been her "friends"?
BA will be fine just like Marsh, WT White, Junkins have all moved on and recovered from her time with them.


Always remember to make and keep your friends going up the ladder. Here at disd you will need them going back down.

Where's Your Name

If the teacher at Bryan Adams is so gung-ho for Susan Walker, why doesn't she give her name in her praise letter? She's just covering herself in case Walker happens to get back in control. Don't hold on. I don't think Walker will be at Bryan Adams next year, so the fake compliments can stop anytime.

Teacher Retaliation

The teachers are afraid of retaliation. I know of at least 2 teachers who were told by the district to stop publicly supporting Susan Walker. I can't blame the teachers. These are hard times and teaching jobs are few are far between, even for experienced teachers. You did, though, help make our point. There are teachers still supporting Ms. Walker even though there is a good chance of her being removed. How can you get brownie points when you post something anonymously?

They know it happens because they do it to parents

Contact the Department of education civil rights office. They may not retaliate. It is against the law.
Speak up and document!

Who told them ?

The Area Superintendent? Hinojosa ?

No Freedom for real people

Dear a non person teacher.

First the people are no longer free. We have no freedom in the schools. Who are you kidding?

You are not a real person unless you give your name and position.

You made a just reason why things do need to change. They are broken and you are clueless to your social surroundings.

The Laws declare that it MUST change because it IS BROKEN!

Quote all you want, it is still a mute argument!

Come on Jeff

Oh come on Jeff. Wouldn't anyone in their right mind have given the perfect right answers you were expecting after they have been made the laughing stock of DISD. If I was being transferred from a high school to an elementary school, believe me, I would learn the lingo real fast. Whatever Walker does now does not erase the stupid mistakes she has made and her lack of knowledge or ability to run a school. I can't believe you fell for this one.

Jeff had concerns, what changed?

What changed was that he sat down with Miss Walker and talked about his concerns. Wow what a concept! Maybe more people should try that!

[Ed Note: Good point. It seems, though, that some have been more successful than others at doing that.]

Susan Walker

As a parent of a student at BA I am very upset that there is discussion to remove the current principal. My daughter transferred to BA last year from Woodrow. Since coming to BA thanks to how strict and organized the school is, she has turned herself around. Last year she had many problems in school socially that led to academic issues. This year she has all A's and B's is in AP classes and has made the wonderful and well run Belles squad. She will be attending a college prep camp at SMU and she has many teachers that she loves! The last thing we need or want is DISRUPTION! That is exactly what a new prinicpal would be at this point. We need consistnacy! Our kids deserve it.

That's funny if Susan

That's funny if Susan Walker, who lied in her resume, will be replaced by another one, who can't produced proof that he has a doctorate. In Ed Hernandez world, he is untouchable no matter how he screwed up the schools he was assigned... Truett...left the school low performing, E.D. Walker,low performing, North Dallas, almost in the brink of closure when he left it Acad. Unacceptable the whole three years he was there and missed AYP and earned schools status as one of chronically ailing school in the state of Texas. What did Ed Hernandez get after ruining all these schools... a promotion to be director of parent services. And now that he lost his job, he will be transferred to a school immediately without going through the hiring interview and selection process. Amazing how DISD rewards mediocrity. If Bruce Parrot will just stand by and watch this clown destroy another school, and the community to be manipulated again with this principal selection practice, no wonder schools are failing.

[Ed Note: Degrees are usually easy to verify.]

You mean at-will

You mean at -will employees can choose the positions they want after their central positions were eliminated? Wow. Unbelievable. And more unbelievable if Ed Hernandez will be the next principal at BA. Why would the district put a failing principal to already a failing school. He failed in all schools he was assigned and we expect him to raise BA to a higher level. This clown spent less than 3 years in the classroom and never had success in his career but was rewarded by other clowns. I wonder if Regina Jones was consulted when he got the BA assignment.


word is the famous mr. ed..... is now the Assistant Sup in Terrell ISD...thank goodness for Terrell ISD...

this is a carousel

word is bruce parrot didnt like ms walker and wanted her replaced. they sent dr...errr.. mr ed since he couldnt be fired during the central staff bloody friday 4/29 cuts cuz he had a contract errr photos of dr h... hahaha...

BA Principal Position is Posted

Check out DISD Employment website. BA Principal position is posted. I guess it's another district waste of money and time. Why post a position and go through interviews when Susan Walker's replacement is already known. Typical DISD modus operandi.

Who is the principal at BA?

Who is the principal at BA? Yes, it is typical that jobs are posted even though they have already been filled with family or friends.

RE: BA position posted

Mr. Ed took Asst. Superindendent in Terrell ISD. Check out the 2011 TAKS scores attached to the posting.

Jeff you voiced your own

Jeff you voiced your own concerns about Walker and BA last year. What changed ?

Jeff had concerns about

Jeff had concerns about Walker and BA last year. What's changed?

My concerns

I met with Ms. Walker and Assistant Principal Nicholson for over an hour and they addressed each of my concerns. My concerns centered around the educational opportunities for my son. Specifically, they addressed the area of teacher turn-over, future support of the AP program, accurate and timely information and communication from the Counselor's office regarding college planning and opportunities. They listened, they valued my comments and criticisms, they opened their doors for further communication, and they followed up with me. They were professional, truly seemed interested in the opportunity to make BA a great school, and were committed to doing everything possible to make that happen. Perhaps it was the fact that I engaged them in a concerned but cooperative manner as opposed to the many gad-flys that buzz around the schools who have nothing better to do than criticize and no ideas for productive progress. I have little confidence in the ability of the people to elect competent school board leadership, and even less confidence that the board can hire a competent superintendent. My hope for the district remains strong though as long as principals can be allowed to lead without interference from smarty-pants parents who still can't get over the fact they were never the "Teacher's Pet". My hope is strong as long as good teachers can be encouraged and supported and bad teachers can be rooted out and sent packing without political splash-back over what used to be undisputable personnel decisions.