The Story Ends at Prison for Shannon DeMerse

The saga of Dallas City Council member Dave Neumann's former bookkeeper has ended, for now, at a Texas Prison.

Shannon Demerse has been assigned to the Plane-Henley complex Northeast of Houston. According to the Texas Department of Corrections, Demerse is eligible for parole in June, 2012, but not expected to be released until July, 2016.

Demerse pleaded guilty to felony theft, last year, and accepted 12 years in prison after stealing millions from Neumann's ex-wife's company, Ivy Jane, over the course of several years.

The thefts went un-noticed by Neumann.

Neumann and his wife divorced in early 2010.

In 2010, Neumann received a $2.8 million dollar judgment against DeMerse in a civil trial.

DeMerse apparently stole the money from Neumann in an elaborate scheme involving altered financial documents and fake bank accounts. According to records, DeMerse was able to steal over 70% of the company's annual profits while avoiding detection by Neumann.

DeMerse used the stolen money, in part, to fund the Darling Dolls of America children's beauty pageant.

We reported on the Neumann/DeMerse affair last year.

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First off, I hate those

First off, I hate those stupid child beauty pageants. It teaches mainly young girls a whole set of behaviors that are completely inappropriate and counterproductive as teenagers and beyond. Watch "Toddlers & Tiaras" just once to see what I mean - like the woman who says of her twin sons, "I didn't get girls but I will make these boys into some". So on that front, I'm glad that she's "off the air".

Secondly, how can you steal 70% of the profits of the company and go undetected? Who pays so little attention to their own finances that they don't realize that something is happening to the money? I know that people are supposed to be honest in this line of work, but I think it behooves the business owner to pay a bit of attention to where things are going and what's happening. You wouldn't walk up to someone and just hand them your check book and a signature stamp so why do that with your business????

[Ed Note: Dang! You're on a roll tonight!]

We finally know the "rest of the story" we know how the story ends! I am kinda surprised that her 1st time up for parole is in June of 2012. I would have thought that it would be at least 3 years before she was eligible for parole. I guess since it is not a violent crime she got a little lucky? Thanks for all the info on this story.

Did Dave Neumann "break" into exwife's business to delete files?

There is an article about Dave Neumann from October of 2010. It was recently reported on in April. The article says someone used his alarm code to enter the building, but gained entry to his office by climbing through the ceiling tiles. Pretty interesting read...a day after his exwife changed the lock on his office door... her business had a break in. hmmm...

Will they add on?

Will they add on to her sentence since she did not show for sentencing?

[Ed Note: Good question. There's nothing in the court documents yet. One thing that's strange is that the "Failure To Appear" looks like it came from the Glen Heights PD. I don't know why they have it coded that way. So maybe she surrendered at the jail and, when they were processing her in, noticed that there was an FTA from another jurisdiction. There will probably be something on record by the end of the week.]